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James Drummond

Full stack web developer


I’m an enthusiastic senior developer with a background working in finance for clients that included HSBC, Credit Suisse and HMRC; I was senior front end developer for; founding developer for and I’m the founder of – an online appointments system for yoga and fitness studios, currently managing 50,000 appointments+ per month for businesses around the world.

Recently I have been involved in development for Ethereum block chains: notably for the MIX blockchain project: a project that aims to power decentralised publication – smart content that is not hosted on a specific domain or server.

I’m personable, hard working and fast, interested in all things tech, start up and block-chain; I’m always interested in connecting with other people around the world.


I’m a senior full stack (front and back end) Javascript developer with 10+ years experience: node.js, mongodb, angular.js, react.js and ES6


Very fast MVP (Minimum Viable Product) / prototype development and iteration. Application design, architecture, deployment and scaling. Test / behaviour (TDD / BDD) driven development


I’m an experienced dApp (distributed application) developer, very interested in all things related to block chain development


  • Originally trained as a server side C++ developer
  • Eight years+ experience front-end development
    •  Senior front-end developer at
    • one year+ contract React / Redux developer experience
  • Four years+ experience node.js (express.js and mongoDB)
  • Build tools: Gulp and Webpack
  • Test Driven Development: Mocha, Chai, Supertest, Jasmine, Karma
  • Linux / Ubuntu server administration
  • Node app deployment: pm2, Nginx
  • Linux server administration

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